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Our Fantastic Sams Hair Extension program was created to support you in designing a life of freedom, unbridled creativity, and abundance, and for your guests to look and feel fantastic.

As a Fantastic Sams Certified Extension Provider, when using this tool as designed, we can make you 3 unique promises;

  1. to increase your average service ticket
  2. increase your average retail ticket,
  3. and increase your pre-booking percentage

When you complete this program and implement the systems and techniques in the certification and combine them with all the tools and products available – You achieve more in less time both financially and creatively, ultimately creating a career and life you love.

Understanding what we’re doing and why we’re doing it is what makes this service completely different. We’ve taken a different approach to every single aspect of the service.

You’ll understand the difference and impact of the Fantastic Sams consultation as we explore every step of the service.

  • Determining if your guest is a candidate for Fantastic Sams Tape Extensions
  • Formulating their desired look
  • Application through integrity
  • Cutting and blending
  • Styling and homecare recommendations
  • Pre-booking

We will even discuss exactly what to do at the end of the service, what to do with leftover hair, how to manage guest profiles and maximize every minute behind the chair and ultimately provide your guest an unforgettable experience.